diversity in classroom essay

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Diversity in classroom essay how to start an essay about my family

Diversity in classroom essay

Students can work together better when they understand each other. It is good to get students, especially at a young age, involved in diversity. This can be accomplished by involving students in activities and lesson plans that teach students about cultures around the world. Each day the teacher could start off a class with a talk about a country or nationality.

Then follow that up with a recap by asking the students questions about the main topics. In conclusion, diversity is a positive aspect of education when the teacher and student are knowledgeable in the subject. The classroom being a natural mirror for society, it stands to reason that the same debates rage throughout our school systems.

Rarely does anyone argue the case for diversity in the classroom; people are very rarely seen on the local news station espousing the merits of diverse integration. Yet the concept of diversity is integral to the continued effectiveness of the American school system.

It is through school and the diversity there in that the last vestiges of ethnocentrism in America will be overthrown. In short schools are both a mirror of and the largest contributor to society Advantages of Diversity in the Classroom Until recent years, diversity wasn't fully recognized as a necessary component of education.

It's important to have diversity in the classroom because our society has become so diverse itself. While many people consider diversity to be a combination of different races, there are actually many different classifications of diversity, all having significance in a classroom.

Some types of diversity include national origin, ethnicity, different languages spoken, religion, and even gender. Classrooms are becoming increasingly filled wi Schools and classrooms do not stand apart from the larger society, but are, in fact, microcosms of the society. In other words, as American society continues to become more diverse, so too do our classrooms.

One challenge of modern educators is the diversity of religion in the classroom. It may seem trivial to some people, but it's probably a good idea for all public schools not to refer to events or vacations in the religious context, and out of respect to religious diversity, we should try to keep the classrooms as non-secular as possible. With the increasing number of Diversity seems to create so many heated discussions.

When children who have been exposed to many diverse people throughout early childhood can start having inclusive classrooms. Inclusive classrooms are classrooms in which teachers and students work together to create and sustain an environment in which everyone feels safe, supported, and encouraged to express their views and concerns.

Diversity is what makes us an individual. Teaching diversity in schools is a lesson that will last a lifetime In this literature review I will be using three academic sources to clearly outline the problems when dealing with cultural diversity. In the classroom with a diversity of children, there are things the teacher can do to enhance the effectiveness of instruction.

It's apparent throughout his journal that the key to success in terms of dealing with diversity within the classroom relies on the communication between teacher's and students and forming a common curricula best suited to incorporate all cultural aspects. Source three "Cooperation in the multi-ethnic classroom" is a In this article it tells about teaching diversity in the classroom.

This article refers to how diversity and race has been taught in the past and how it needs to be taught in the future to make the outcomes of the lessons more successful in teaching against the concept of discrimination. For example, how they should interact with peers, teachers, and other adults, how they should perceive different races,.

The typical American classroom is becoming more diverse culturally, which warrants the need to be more educated about student differences. Understanding different cultures ensures the ability to meet the students where they are to better educate them. Each learner is different, and it is helpful to know they best way to teach students from different races and cultures.

By educating future teachers, exploring culturally diverse schools, and learning about racism and culture through museums, the teaching work force will be better equipped for educating all children, or Americans future. When students enter middle or junior high schools, they are no longer under the direct control of a single teacher but instead are taught by a number of teachers in different classrooms, often with different classmates.

These adolescents are expected to personally manage these diverse requirements for learning in class or to seek out help when it is needed, especially from their teachers. At this middle level of schooling, a significant part of students' academic work is completed outside of class, including reading. But instructors are likely to create new instructional strategies if they receive feedback and support while trying the new strategies in their classrooms. This statement suggests that teachers need regular opportunities for reflection and problem solving at the same time the students are in school.

Some institutions exhibit to have all classroom teachers vacant for team planning but fail to include key support workforce. It is also important to be sensitive to the reactions of parents and help them see the value of professional development by involving them in professional development planning that is linked to improved techniques of education. Some students may see foreign language as an opportunity, while others see it as a nuisance. Regardless of this, it is still a requirement in many schools across the United States.

Though it is a struggle for some students, learning a foreign language has more benefits than detriments. I believe it would be better to keep foreign language as a requirement to graduate in order to allow the students to challenge themselves and have the opportunity to see value in it.

Learning about other countries, cultures, and people around the world will help students have a broad understanding and respect for different ideas and ways of life. Every year, a new group of students is introduced into school districts; these students are part of an ever changing society in which technology is becoming a principal part in everyday life. A group of present and former educators realized that teachers were having difficulty engaging these students into classroom activities as the years went on.

As a result, this group decided that this was an ever pressing issue that needed to be taken care of, so they came together to address it. The group decided that they needed to be able to relate to the students, so they could be able to really teach them, and in return, the. A significant turning point in the film is represented by a change classroom layout, instead of a conventional layout, students are in rows teacher at top of room, Erin rearranges the desk so that the students are looking, and arguably learning, from each other.

Erin awareness of students is gained through department scores, discussions with teaching staff and student diary entries. What similarities do you share? Performance Activity Observe and record how the teacher manages the classroom. In other words, when schools adopt a proactive and efficient approach to intervention, they have been able to pursue other initiatives and further improve the quality of education provided to students Simonsen et al. The goal of implementing PBIS into schools is to establish a climate in which students perform appropriate behaviors as the norm.

When teaching behavioral expectation to students the benefits of rewarding students for following those expectations is much more positive than waiting for misbehaviors to occur and using different avenues to attempt and render the negative. The purpose of this essay is to identify how important it is to have a diverse classroom setting. Students from all over the world enter the 21st century classrooms bringing a little bit of home with them.

It is crucial that teachers are aware of what is happening and educate themselves in how to reach a student.



Within the core of many educational institutions, diversity is a commercial tacit. While every institution cannot offer the same kind of diversity, the endorsement of such exists through various definitions. While promoting diversity in the classroom can be challenging, the outcome is worth the task. Interactions between diverse individuals produce a vast array of educational benefits Hoover, This paper is going to discuss.

In my field experiment, I focused on diversity and how it plays a huge part in how the students interact and learn within the classroom. Diversity simply put, is to have variety or differences inside of a group. Diversity in the classroom may include: exceptionalities, culture, language, learning style and gender. Different types of diversities in a classroom can if not recognized, and accommodated.

These characteristics can have a great impact on how students learn. Teaching to such a diverse group requires teachers to be more flexible and place a greater emphasis on the individual. Through the aid of variety and choice, teachers can differentiate. In order for children to learn at their full potential, I must meet all the needs within my classroom.

I also remember taking a graduate class that taught. Meg is different than most people her age. She gets into fights a lot, and corrects her teachers all the time. Many think she is stupid, even though she is more brilliant than most of them. You can say Meg tries her best at times, but others she has problems with. She gets into more fights. The United States population is filled with diverse individuals. It is important for educators to understand that diversity in classrooms is not just based on race but ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender, economic status, learning disabilities, and etc.

It may not affect your student directly but it can be a part of their family background. Educators may assume that students have the same social or educational status of each other which in some cases is not true. If they assume that every student. One hundred years ago the diversity in the classroom was gender. As the years have changed so has the diversity in our classrooms.

The diversity in our classrooms now also includes ethnicity, culture, religion, language and special needs. Our classrooms have become a melting pot of students, which should be an exciting opportunity to explore and learn from each other.

However, the opportunities have not been taken advantage of. I think melting pot of diversity can be scary if not handled in. What I value about my culture is my family and how important they are. The era of globalization requires the future professionals to be able to work in diverse environments across the Globe.

Learning with students from different countries is a wonderful experience as it will prepare to be more accommodative and accept changes in life. Loss of cultural identity: Students from a different cultural background may not find the foreign history interesting if it is taught in the class.

Moreover, they might fail to relate to them in the long run. It may lead to loss of cultural identity and create more confusion in the minds of the students. Segregation: It is the biggest problem that a diverse classroom may face. Students of similar cultural background tend to stick together rather than mingling with others who are different from them.

As a result, new groups are formed hampering the process of collaborative learning. Due to the formation of different social groups tensions are bound to occur making students less tolerant of each other. Quality of teaching: The quality of teaching suffers if the knowledge levels of the students are dissimilar. Teachers may face enormous problems in teaching new students especially if they are not able to understand the concepts.

In addition, few students face language barriers that can hamper effective communication. Instructors need to work overtime in order to eliminate the differences. Sometimes learning difference may create stereotypical views in the minds of the teachers which transforms into prejudices over a period of time. It can spoil the learning process leading to poor results in the class. Your email address will not be published. My Essay Point.

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Cross-cultural communication, Cultural competence, Culture, Intercultural competence, Multiculturalism. Diversity 2 Pages. Diversity comes in numerous forms such as gender, race, age, sexual orientation, cultural, and a lot more. Culture, Foreign country, Individual, Language barriers, Specific language, Wide range of demographics. Diversity Workplace World Economy 1 Page. Global Impact In a rapidly growing globalised economy, workforces that are culturally diverse can help organisations expand their business in global markets.

Being able to communicate effectively in different parts of the world is a crucial benefit, as well as knowing how to create relationships Culture, Different cultures, Different parts of the world, Different viewpoints, Discrimination, Diverse cultures, Diverse employees, Globalization, Sociology, Workforce diversity.

Diversity Gender Inequality Workplace 4 Pages. The debate over importance of workplace diversity is not new. It has been in discussion for last 6 decades. Many researchers, academicians, human resource professionals and entrepreneurs have debated about its benefits, negatives, challenges and way forward.

The intensity of debate was also linked with Discrimination, Female, Feminism, Gender, Gender-specific job title, Importance of workplace diversity, Proper management of gender diversity, Sexism, Sociology. College Education Diversity 1 Page. In the year , I visited my elder brother in the Americas. Racial Diversity and School Performance This particular article is a detailed study of the effects of racial diversity among public schools. Taking into account racial diversity, school performance, and school location, the data of this study is based on public-school fourth graders in the state African-American majority, Detailed study of the effects of racial diversity, Ethnic group, Racial integration, Racial segregation.

Diversity 3 Pages. Diversity in American Education Boser conducted a national study about the diversity gap between White and Black teachers in American education. The three most prominent results from the data are as follows: a each state has a teacher diversity gap, b alternative route programs Black teachers, Cultural diversity, Minority group, National population, Teacher diversity gap.

Diversity Stereotypes 1 Page. Diversity, Privilege, and Stereotypes Diversity is easiest to think of as differences. We live in a diverse world made up of many different people and organisms. Although we do have these differences, we are more alike collectively. What I mean by this, is even if Diversity 4 Pages. Making a Case For Equal Opportunity Disregarding Diversity Everyone deserves an equal and fair chance when applying to college campuses.

Affirmative action creates tension among races in college campuses in an already divided country. I believe that affirmative action does nothing but divide society into Diversity Racial Discrimination 3 Pages. Under President Barack Obama, we have had thriving signs of racial progress.

However, the United States is still a severely divided, unequal, and unfair society. Changing patterns of fertility in the country and the immigration in the country has led to population diversity. The demographic difference has led to the racial disparity between various ethnic communities. The differences in education will be manifested in different ways for example in Academic I interviewed two teachers about diversity, inclusivity, strategies, and respect in their classrooms.

The first teacher, Rachael, is outgoing, creative, family oriented, and very dependable. She is a staple at our school and her opinion is sought by many other teachers. Prejudice against students by educators hurts their academic achievement. At the same time, research to date suggests student achievement is higher in diverse schools.

Implicit and explicit prejudice fuel incredible disparities in the criminal justice system at every level. In other words, this result suggests, social and emotional intelligence rises as we interact with more kinds of people. Finally, separation fuels intergroup discrimination, conflict, and violence —while embracing diversity seems to reduce it. People who live in homogenous communities, who have few opportunities for contact with outside groups, tend to resist diversity, which in turn seems to negatively affect their well-being.

Practice mindfulness. New research is starting to find that cultivating non-judgmental, moment-to-moment awareness seems to reduce racial bias—an insight that may apply to other kinds of prejudice. University of San Francisco professor Rhonda Magee has turned mindfulness practices into exercises specifically targeted at cultivating diversity and resisting prejudice. Through mindfulness practices like the ones Magee describes, you can cultivate awareness of your own biases.

Rather than pretend that you are ignoring differences, try to acknowledge them. You are both the unconscious and the conscious. Your implicit biases matter, but so do your conscious goals and values. They exist in tension and dialogue with each other. Travel, if you can, and open your eyes and ears and heart to how others live.

Be vulnerable around different kinds of people. In a analysis of research on intergroup friendships by Kristin Davies and colleagues, the time individuals spent together and their levels of self-disclosure with out-group friends were what most changed their attitudes toward others, suggesting these are important elements of intergroup friendships.

When you encounter examples of unambiguous bias, speak out against them. Because that helps create and reinforce a standard for yourself and the people around you, in addition to providing some help to those who are the targets of explicit and implicit prejudice. This article — and everything on this site — is funded by readers like you. Give Now.

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Free Essay: Diversity in classrooms can open student's minds to all the world has to offer. At times diversity and understanding of culture, deviant. Free Essay: I believe it is important to first analyze the word diversity when examining the need for diversity within a classroom. According to Webster's. Free Essay: ADDRESSING DIVERSITY OF LEARNING IN CLASSROOM In today's school, many different elements of diversity present themselves. These include race.