two views of the river essay

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Two views of the river essay essay expository graphic organizer

Two views of the river essay

Referring to his mentioning of romance, it is comparable to falling in love. When people fall in love, they are in a fantasy world where everything is seen in rose-tinted glasses. Seeing only all the wonders of that world and refusing to see all the bad side. It was really easy to contact her and respond very fast as well. Once the glasses are removed, you can still remember all the memories and reminiscing all the thrills and happiness that those memories made you feel just as he recalled the way he was when he first fell in love with the river.

When he learned everything he wanted to know, he discovered that what he has found was something worthy but in the process, he lost a part of himself that he could never ever regain nor recapture again and perhaps it is his ability to dream.

What he has found disillusioned him. But then he remembers the way he was and the way he used to view things. All the beauty he once saw has turned jaded. It is perhaps his perspective that changed but even, it makes him sad to realize that. Maybe, he also realized that he has become cynical, if you will view his loss of passion in relation to life, politics even.

But then, he said that he slowly saw the beauty in a different light or maybe, he started to take that beauty for granted. In life, there are many times when we get disillusioned. We follow dreams and fantasies as though they are the best thing on earth, only to realize later on that the dream was never quite the way we envisioned it once it turns into reality. In view of life, it is like the passing over of humans and learning the harsh facts of life.

The world is still the great place that we know it is, and life is still a precious jewel that matters more than anything in this world. Mankind was all born idealists and optimists, but eventually, that idealism and optimism is lost as the person goes through the hardships of life. The experiences will teach him a great many things and it will leave him equipped to handle the obstacles that he has encountered in the past and overcome the obstacles of the present.

But this will take some of the beauty from his eyes. Viewing the essay in different angles and in relation to aspects of society and humanity, it is indeed easier to remain innocent and left with our dreams and not know of all the dark angles because knowing can only hurt as dreams are indeed better than reality.

Accessed July 18, Download paper. Analysis, Pages 3 words. Wisdom and knowledge takes the poetry from our hearts. We can see the truth of this statement over and over in the times of Noah and the flood. God is saying that humans have stopped thinking about the Lord or following the Lord completely and going on about their business.

As they nailed him to the cross, it grew dark, and his holy spirit "flew away from the Cross! The speaker returns to the crucifixion with the phrase "every bone in me belongs to others. The Bible states that in "1 John , For the world offers only the lust for physical pleasure, the lust for everything we see, and pride in our possessions. These are not from the Father. They are from this evil world. This mental collapse sometimes results in them attempting to, or actually murdering others, or even committing suicide.

In general, there is just to much Water!! Within a very short time the excess water can create an over flow Army Corps of Engineers. What is the role of the river in The adventures of Huckleberry Finn? The Mississippi river seems to control the form of the story. Before the river, Huck and all of his friends are introduced, and he is in civilization, which Huck despises.

In 'Porphyria's Lover' the poem has a five-line structure. It is different because the pattern is not something I have read before. Maybe Browning has purposely done this structure. A reason for this is that the man wants to be in charge of the woman, hence the inflexibility. Open Document. Essay Sample Check Writing Quality. In life human reasoning is guided by perspective and experience that go on through our day to day lives.

Decisions are often based on how one comprehends situations leading to a particular behavior. While it is argued that learned abilities often morph to instincts due to the repeated practice, some situations defy the actual meaning of norm forcing one to act depending on their understanding of the situation at hand.

If for instance, one is a trained and experienced driver, when faced with the possibility of an accident, such an individual relies not just on the experience but their instinctive abilities. Regardless of …show more content… He initially enjoyed and loved the environment he worked in, but with time he got used to the beauty until it developed into something more than just beauty.

He does not state what exactly the beauty has developed into but one can guess that the beauty has become normalcy. Despite the loss of beauty due to the repeated experiences in steam boating, Twain acknowledges that the river has life threatening dangers that come along with the job. Rapture in Christianity is often used to describe a moment of great suffering where wailing and smashing of teeth will be experienced by sinners.


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Everything has two sides to it. Also this story has two sides of it, and the river has two sides it too. For example one the river can be source of life , beautiful colours and holds the beauty of everything, but on the other hand it can also lead a life of disaster by being dangerous and also the power to kill passenger on steam boat. Hire verified writer. Related Essays.

A limited time offer! Save Time On Research and Writing. Get My Paper. There is proof excessively that this piece is reader-friendly. The piece seems to merely acquire more interesting with each reading of it and the eloquence and word pick are so that it seems really poetic and musical. Couple does compare the river to a verse form and his work seems to mirror the same type of poesy.

Merely as he talks of the beauty and the colour of the river. To dig even deeper into this work. Since Twain is covering with a topic of nature. He seems to compose in a signifier that is comparable to nature. Merely as the river flows. It may be said that a comparing is that an academic work has value. He compares this simple utility of things with a manner that a physician may look at a beautiful cheek.

To Twain this may be a metaphor or comparing to the act of composing itself and it is mirrored in this piece. Professional composing to him miss beauty. Therefore his deficiency of conventional authorship still allows this beauty and the intent to his audience is the fantastic pursuit of acquiring to cognize his piece. The narrative ends like a comparing to a sundown and darkness and deficiency of experiencing ensues when the significance is discovered. In decision. Just as much can be compared and contrasted with what is in the work itself with what Twain may be pass oning about his art and his profession.

As this piece is about a portion of nature. Couple seems to demo his ain human nature and the natural manner of his authorship. The words flow swimmingly and are prosecuting. In kernel. Van Rys.