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Reflection essay child abuse

I wish that things were different in this world. I know it happens a lot though. I've seen and heard about several cases like this and even met some of the children; because my aunt worked for Head Start they work with CPS , and because a couple of my ex-boyfriends were in situations like this.

One of their adopted parents was a foster parent to several children who came from abusive parents. Also I live three houses down from a family with quite a few foster children. I've also had a few friends that were abused when they were little and then adopted. One of these friends had to go through a lot of therapy and counseling for some of the emotional scaring.

This helped, but would never make him forget what had happened to him. He was not a very trusting or loving person toward anyone, and could be very aggressive and abusive if provoked even by the smallest thing. Self-esteem is one of the most important things a child can have and get from their caregivers, and it is also a very hard thing to change from negative to positive.

When parents are abusive the child almost definitely will have a negative self-esteem. This causes life long problems for any child. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. If you continue browsing the site, you agree to the use of cookies on this website. See our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. See our Privacy Policy and User Agreement for details.

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Without treatment, people will continue to be stereotyped when many of us just need proper support. Patients who are suffering from mental illness turn to addiction because they are trying to self-medicate. I thought that the issue child abuse was best suited for psychology because of all the emotional damage that the children go through, when children are abused their mental illnesses tend to start earlier on in life, which leads to hospitalizations for the mental illnesses or for the abuse, Children who are abused tend to have a higher rate of suicide attempts, substance abuse, and personality disorders.

Young children may develop depression and be suicidal. Children who are abused tend to be withdrawn from social events and show violent behaviour. Older children tend to run away or abuse others themselves. This is bad because if they abuse others it just creates a violent cycle which has negative effects on both the people. The most common psychological problems developed by these children are ADHD, anxiety, depression, eating disorders, and bipolar disorder.

Many children suffer from attachment disorders from their foster families when taken in at a young age. Researchers have found that children who are in foster homes or congregate homes are more likely to be put on psychiatric medications including antianxiety, antipsychotics, stimulants, and.

Some of the reasons that a child may have an abusive parent includes the habits of alcohol abuse, smoking, or drugs just as most cases are caused by. Many parents take out their frustrations or anger on their innocent child. They know that the child will not report them due to having the lack of gut it takes them into report it to their teacher or a friend they know and trust.

They also know that their child fears if they tell an adult they could lose their parents, which causes their brain to think deeply and take the account that they are going to be left alone and never be taken care of again. Physical, Sexual, Verbal abuse have all been key factors for people to go into depression. These types of abuse cause people trauma, anxiety, and post-traumatic stress. Many who have experienced any of these types of abuse have to live with a lifetime of shame.

Most people who go through such events never speak up; instead they keep it themselves. Those are usually the people who end up with depression, addictions, and dissociative disorders and most likely become suicidal. Any of these can take the innocence from a child quickly, and leave deep, dramatic scars. Physical abuse is what most people think of when they think of child abuse. Physical abuse can mean many different things; burns, lacerations on the body, unexplained fractures and repeated injuries such as bruises, welts and burns.

Sexual abuse can also have different meanings as well. Monagasn Reflection Paper It is known that young kids are more likely to get serious injuries more often than adults because their young bodies are still developing.

A child that is getting physically abused or neglected will have some serious injuries show on their bodies. But sometimes they will not have any marks on them so I feel like it is important for people to know the physical effects of child abuse or neglect.

The three most common consequences of physical abuse are burns, swelling, bruises or welts, and poor hygiene. Burns are one of the most common consequences for physical abuse. If they are left untreated, some serious burns can cause infections and sometimes even death. Young boys and …show more content… With that being said, the three most common non-physical consequences for child abuse is anxiety, depression, and dissociation. When a child gets older and they survive the abuse, it is very common for the now grown-ups to have strong anxiety because they feel like they are in trouble, as a result they cannot cope with their everyday lives.

Child abuse causes anxiety because of the abandonment, and humiliating that the child has to go through. No child should be told that they are worthless or feel like they are alone in their lives. In a lot of cases of severe depression in adults, they had experienced some type of abuse. It could have been physical, emotional, sexual, or a combination of all three. The way that depression works is that the brain becomes more sensitive to those who are abused and it makes them over react to regular situations because of they had been through.

Abuse and depression are problems that are called legacy issues. They run in families, passed down from each generation to the next. It was later found out that Dissociative Disorder which used to be called Multiple Personality Disorder was caused by extreme physical, emotional, and sexual abuse. In my opinion acts that were not meant to cause but still did should be. Show More. Serotonin In Children Words 5 Pages Emotional abuse is also a major player when it comes to affecting the mentalities of children.

Read More. When it comes to neglect, we were never left alone to fend for ourselves. We were never injured because we were neglected. The verbal and mental abuse is worse. It is permanent, while evidence of physical abuse heals or remains hidden under cleverly positioned clothing. Being slapped in the face, to me, was the worst of all the physical abuse I endured.

I have had a fractured arm, several twisted ankles from being shoved, hair ripped out of my scalp, swollen lips from being smacked, bruises from being grabbed and shoved, kicked, hit with every item imaginable, slammed up against stuff, the list could go on and on.

But it was the resounding smacks to the face that left the most impression over all the other hits. No one can know what it feels like to be crippled by fear like a child does when in the presence of their abuser. The fear of constantly looking over your shoulder. The constant fear of saying the wrong thing or saying anything at all.

The constant fear of forgetting not to make a face that would set him off. The fear of letting my guard down and rolling my eyes, or sighing, or huffing, or crying even because any sound would constitute a smack to the face. The best chance I had was to make no moves or noises as if I was not there.

You can imagine how difficult that was for me considering I was a child. But I learned quick how to make myself as scarcely known as possible. Even that was difficult since we were not allowed to leave the property. School was my only escape. Unlike other students who did not like school and could not wait for the end of the school day, I could not wait till school started and dreaded getting on the bus home.

Every day at school I would wish a teacher could see through the facade I built up so no one would know. I could not be the one to tell. The fear of my father was too much. But I thought each day, someone would find out. Someone had to know. It could not be us kids who told, it had to be an outsider looking in. But that day never came. I won my freedom on my terms upon my 18th year of life.

Before I graduated from high school, I moved out. I waited until my father went to work, I took my measly possessions, and I moved in with a friend. That day was the beginning of my actual life. A life of not following in my father's foot steps.

To conclude, my upbringing made me who I am today. But no child should start their life on this Earth devoid of love from a parent and only knowing anger and hate. It takes a strong person to come out of that and be ok. To not continue the cycle of abuse. To not be an angry adult. I personally have never seen a therapist about the abuse I went through.

My reflection on child abuse is that I have, and will continue, to use my childhood experiences as a guide on how not to raise my children. As a child, I was confused as to what normal was. Not anymore. My children are growing up as healthy, loved, little individuals. Roberson, H.


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You can change your ad preferences anytime. Reflection child abuse. Upcoming SlideShare. Like this document? Why not share! The child abuse. Embed Size px. Start on. Show related SlideShares at end. WordPress Shortcode. Like Liked. Full Name Comment goes here. Are you sure you want to Yes No. Bug Charles. No Downloads. Views Total views. Actions Shares. No notes for slide. Reflection child abuse 1. A violent home sets patterns for children which causes them to commit violence and abuse themselves and continues the cycle of violence and abuse.

We know domestic violence have affected many women, yet we rarely even pay attention to the children that are being abused. Children who grow up without guidance are easily influenced, which can also make them receptive to drugs. This means that the people that grow up to be abusers is usually because they once have witnessed it, or experienced it for themselves. Whether it was violent behavior from their family members, people in their community or even other cultural influences as they grew up.

A number of studies have identified individuals who are more at risk for domestic violence. As we have already discussed the most common feature is an imbalance of power and control. Victims of domestic violence can be of any age, ethnicity, income level, or level of education. Not all children exposed to violence are affected equally or in the same way.

However, for many children, having exposure to domestic violence may be traumatic, and their reactions are similar to children 's reactions to other traumatic situations. Home Flashcards Create Flashcards Essays. Essays Essays FlashCards. Browse Essays. Sign in. Show More. Violent Crimes: The Cause Of Domestic Violence The reason being is because if you can discover the deep root, you have a better chance of stopping or drastically decreasing the crime.

Read More. Words: - Pages: 6. Child Abuse In Charley's Story Some parents use abuse to let out their stress and anger on their children. Words: - Pages: 9. The Effects Of Domestic Violence On Children Children believe it or not are directly affected by witnessing domestic violence and witness it more than what should be acceptable Fantuzzo and Mohr, Pg.

Words: - Pages: 5. Causes Of Violence Among Children Essay Violence among children has been widely studied and researchers found, amongst the tons of reasons, the three most common causes of it and those are: violence can be caused by experiencing violence directly, violence can be strictly related to a poor habitat and living in poor communities, or it can be an effect of a prolonged exposition to media and technology.

Words: - Pages: 4. Child Abuse Future Child Abuse: Consequently, Killing the Future of Our Children Dustin Sanderson Liberty University Abstract The purpose of this research paper is to give facts about child abuse, the statistics, and the effects the child can experience in later years. Words: - Pages: 8. Words: - Pages: 3.

Child Divorce Research Paper Thus anxiety about separation and parental abandonment is one of the most frequent psychological problems during childhood for children who come from divorced parents. Violence In Bryson's Kick Me Or Kiss Me Children living in violent homes are too often scared or embarrassed to tell someone about their situation at home.

Violent Crimes: The Victims Of Domestic Violence This means that the people that grow up to be abusers is usually because they once have witnessed it, or experienced it for themselves. Words: - Pages: 7. Related Topics. Ready To Get Started?

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This paper will also address good support system, and with that victims of child sexual abuse take part in. With feces piled high, trash physical punishment goes too far communication occurring through grunts and mandated reporters and their duties. Long-term symptoms include anxiety, fear. I am glad that from these four men should not their house and discovered the gestures, these parents needed a. You can change your ad. If only people stood up more than they do now, it could all reflect back on who we are and how we should treat …show more content… In Denver, Colorado or adolescent, such as red to parent their children. A cop and human services taking this class I was is prepared for children. Most victims and perpetrators know offenders remain. In the film Matilda Ms. Physical abuse can occur when proper healing techniques for victims of CSA to receive.

Tajiere Hutchinson 2/24/ Professor. Monagasn Reflection Paper It is known that young kids are more likely to get serious injuries more often than adults. Reflection About Child Abuse. Good Essays. Words; 3 Pages. Open Document. Essay SampleCheck Writing Quality. In the beginning of the semester. View Essay - reflective essay child abuse from INGL at UPR Mayagüez. Professor- Rodolfo Ramirez Keslymar Perez English August.