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Essay about the movie enough

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She makes a plan with her friends to take their daughter and to go away. She tries to hide but he left her without money, so she goes to Seattle to stay with an old friend, her ex-boyfriend, Joe. Here it appears the narrative pattern from structuralism, the antithesis between the bad boy and the good one. Mitch finds them because he has many relations and he paid people to bring Slim and their daughter back. But here, the feminist Slim is clever and she starts her journey trying to hide from him.

She asks her father, Jupiter an influent man to help her but he does not care at first but after this, when Mitch send his people to threaten him, Jupiter becomes curious and ready to help Slim with money. She moves to Michigan, changed her look and also her name to Erin, these shows a challenge for her to find a way to solve the problem through duality. The shock, If I can say it is the scene with Mitch and Robbie, the man who tries to flirt with her for his bet, talking and trying a way to find Slim.

So, they were friends and it is clearly that they bet for Slim, this thing reveals that Mitch is the villain in this story and also a liar and a player. The inner conflict is burning inside Slim, because she knows how was her life without father, not easier at all and now as a mother she is aware that her daughter will feel this loss too.

Here the psychoanalysis is activated because she is between the desire for her daughter to have a father but also her fear to be an abused wife again a more than this because she knows that Mitch can be a danger even for Gracie. The husband finds out where they hide and come, but like in every movie she is ready to live again and to hide.

They have a fight and after this she takes the girl and rides fast finding a way to escape again. But finally, the feminist inside here comes out and she realizes that she cannot hide anymore and she has to fight for her rights and for freedom.

She has a feminist monologue in the car, it is dedicated to her daughter, about life and love. But everything is changed when she decides to learn how to fight. When she is ready to fight, she starts her plan and uses the reverse psychology with her husband. While he is at work she finds out all his weapons in the house and throw them out preparing everything for her revenge.

When he arrives, she tries to play with his mind turning off the light and speaking with him through the dark. She appears and he is surprised to see her stronger so they start fighting. Even he is down she cannot find the power to kill and like in all the movies he hits her with a lamp. The police are coming, it was self-defense and as a sign that everything is over she throws the bag with her outfit in the river.

Psychoanalytical speaking this can be her way to say that she will forget the past because a new beginning starts and also a new life. After the problem with Mitch is solved she comes back to her friend, Joe starting a new love story, in a new city. And for sure we have a happy end and just one dead. First of all, the binary opposite between Slim, a poor girl and Mitch the rich man, another opposite relationship between the bad guy, Mitch and the good guy, Joe who represents the escape for Slim.

The entire movie presents a fight for love, conquering with the villain for peace and well-being. Through psychoanalytic view the actors have explanations for their behavior in their past. Mitch because is rich thinks that everything can be bought with money. He usual had everything from his parents and even married he considered Slim his property. The fact that he is violent with his wife can show fear and inferiority, a violence behavior being his only way to win more power, and maybe this is what he saw between his parents.

Slim accepted his infidelity firstly because she was a child without father and she wanted for her daughter a better life with both parents. Even if she loves her husband she knows that everything depends on her choice to save her and Gracie because he is a real danger for both.

Slim is discriminated by her husband and in his opinion she has to be subordinate to him because he is the one who makes the money. This idea is against feminism theory and Slim acts also against her husband. Through her fight, she tries to rediscover her as a woman, a human being, an independent person with rights and feelings who can decide for herself and for her daughter as a mother. Remember: This is just a sample from a fellow student. Sorry, copying is not allowed on our website.

We will occasionally send you account related emails. This essay is not unique. On the other hand, Mildred was raised in a society that did not educate her in what was right or wrong. His actions seem to directly result in Dede being depressed and wanting a divorce.

Jaimito is definitely one of the more sinister characters in the novel, besides the murderous, perverted. As a parole board member, I would like to release offender Smith under specific conditions. Before I discuss the conditions, I simply need to give a little summary of the offender violations he committed.

Offender Smith and his girlfriend at the time were both high off cocaine or PCP. She didn 't want to engage in sexual relations with him, so Mr. Smith got extremely upset and punched her and ruthlessly assaulted her. At the beginning of the story Squeaky is hostile to almost anyone she meets and is focused only on herself. Then, at the climax of the story, the race, she sees her brother Raymond keeping pace with her even though he has his hands at his side.

This event causes her to rethink her whole approach to life. He defends his wife and tells the court that his wife fired Abigail because of their affair. When the court brought Elizabeth Proctor into the court and asked her about the affair she denied it. Being grateful is feeling or showing an appreciation of kindness and being thankful.

In the story Maria argues with her father about not wanting to go on vacation with her family and claims that she is old enough to stay home by herself. Maria is trying to grow up too fast and she put her family to the side instead of being grateful. Being a father, Rex Walls has an obligation to look after his family and to make sure everyone is looked after.

However, he spirals into alcoholism; recklessly spending money on liquor rather than on provisions that would help sustain his family. His compulsive spending on alcohol is, unfortunately, a major factor keeping the Walls family in a continuous cycle of impoverishment. Lamar came from money and knew that he should not be dealing with stuff like his first case but in the end he did the right thing in protecting the mom and son from Simmie.

When she was. Edna has found her new found freedom by moving out of her big house she shared with her husband into a smaller house for herself. She is still trapped by her feeling s for Robert. He comes to visit her for the last time; Edna leaves Robert at her house and told him to wait for her. Good-by —because I love you. Rosemary Almond was a housewife that was abused by her husband, Derek Almond. Throughout the book we saw that she really loved her husband, but because of the stress that her husband was going through with the terrorist on the loose and the pressure from the leader he was mean and abusive towards her.

She played one of the damsels in distress in the book because she was in situations where she needed to be rescued. First by her husband who abused her and almost shot her, but decided not to because the gun was not loaded.

We can see that he hurt her badly in panel 6, page 65 where there was a red spot on her clothes because he slapped her and hit her for asking for them to be intimate. Some of the by standers had informed the police about it and she had been seen running away from all this violence. He assaulted her, he pulled her out of the taxi and gave her a punch in the face. Sharpe had forced Mona Hayes for many things.

He had forced her to live with him as husband and wife. Working sickly, George tries to make enough money to move out west to get her away from the city.

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