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Print media analysis essay

Terrorists Attack!! February 26, , the day that terrorists made the biggest attack on American soil to that point. It was early afternoon on a Friday, pm to be exact, a car bomb ripped through the guts of the now infamous North World Trade Center twin tower. It happened very quickly, and without warning, normal people were simply going about their daily business, when all of a sudden, the building shook, the power went out, and smoke began to fill all floors of the towers.

Many wondered. As a professor of sociology and a fellow of Jesus College in Cambridge, he brings out the aspect of social science in the media through in his book. The book is among the most interesting books I have ever read because Thompson explains the relationship between media and modernity using the social theory of the media. As I went through the contents of the book, I could easily see how.

The participatory nature of social media allows fans to converse and be critical of the content they consume; 2. However, contemporary critics believe that the model is limited as the experience of media is much more complex and informed by a number of diverse. Us as general day to day consumers of media take what we see infront of us for granted we do not fully digest media the way we should.

In texts images, and advertisements we only usually comprehend what is to be seen on the surface. The average does not accquire much depth from the media they witness. To comprehend media to its full extent one must learn to process. Matheson finds the following: We assume that the shared world of a culture — what "its members think is real, interesting, beautiful, moral and all the other meanings they attach to the world — is partly constructed by each member and partly by institutions such as newspapers or radio stations, and prevailing ideas.

A one piece write up is adopted to address the argument put forward in order to attain the objective of this paper in a systematic manner. News media is a significant part of the daily activities and experience of the society. The news media disseminate of information. This states violent behaviors can come from the smallest variables, or clips from videos, which is why it is important for parents to control what their kids see, read, and watch, and limit the amount.

When discussing mass media one tends to think of all forms of media, whether that means social media, or any type of media that is one-way communication or two-way communication. In theory however, mass media reaches large audiences, it refers to television, radio, printed publications and the internet, media that is only one-way.

This is how and why it is an effective way to spread dominant ideology. It reaches the masses while at the same time not allowing them to be able to respond. Print media now possesses entirely different features compared to the old print system, with attractive features and comprehensive political, social, and economic aspects embedded in printed materials Heller For instance, the design of the print Allure and Vogue magazines have never disappointed their subscribers.

These magazines, among others, remain a fashion statement and a measure of fashion status to fashion enthusiasts. Readers can acquire printed media, which is available locally, and later use them for their own leisure activities like cutting and pasting in diaries, among others. As computerised applications become familiar to users, readers are more likely to adopt and adapt to the consumption of digital products including the enhanced digital media Andrew The computerised media system comprises of programs and application systems such as web technologies, social networking sites, and blogs Prasad Through fashion journalism, artisans and designers have an enhanced consumption of digital media continuously through advertising and marketing their assortments using the new technology systems.

In the context of websites, they form the greatest part of the Internet features that enable fashion industry to interact with people internationally Andrejevic This assertion holds because it allows individuals to communicate easily within a given environment, its design system is capable of dealing with communication with openness as well as enhancing exchange of ideas, and opinions with large geographical cover with the fashion industry.

The social networking system as an integral part of web technologies has significantly increased the possibility of digital media dominance in the fashion media and related aspects. According to Schwittay , social networking technologies have increased and the subsequent impact is eminent in the world covering several social aspects of human life that influence the flow of information and can be useful in marketing fashion and designs globally.

Across the globe, popular social networks have enhanced sharing of culture, fashion, and economical aspects, which are essentials to human life Andrew Social interactions have no particular boundaries and the majority do not have specific conditions to grant membership to users, thus encouraging comprehensive consumption of such networks that easily allow transfer of idea, opinions, and facts among artisans in the fashion industry Prasad, These aspects also broaden the communication between consumers of fashion product designers in the fashion industry by positively increasing the influence of digital media over print media.

The web application designers have enhanced digital media using their creativity to attract a large population into sharing information through social networking and other alternative sites Andrejevic Jothi, Neelamalar, and Prasad , assert that social networking websites are communities found online and are capable of sharing activities and interests, typically endowing a variety of means by which users can interact through messaging services, videos, live voice chats, and even blogging services.

Some websites and social networks are attractive, thus they pull users from different geographical areas in sharing business, social, and economical information regarding aspects of fashion and designs Schwittay Now, within the fashion industry, the new fashion media is providing room for other attractive businesses to advertise their products in different blends of information. With the blending and simulation of a variety of product information, job deals, business ideas within fashion websites, and related blogs, there is an increase in the audiences, which may be potential customers to the fashion brands and products.

In the context of IT devices using the digital application, variance in the technological devices are increasingly pushing the need of IT integration in the fashion journalism. Currently, computerised applications are possible and enhanced by the assortments in the IT devices.

Some of the devices that allow computer operations include basic computers and portable devices, including mobile phones, tabs, and laptops. Due to their portability nature, the devices have changed the ways by which people access information by increasing accessibility and enhancing reliability in the provision of information in the fashion industry for readers obtain latest fashion information at their comfort zone, through quick logins. In fact, as times goes, there is the likelihood that all print media applications may entirely integrate into the digital media to enhance accessibility of information to the public as is the case with the popular Vogue and Femina print fashion magazines.

By integrating IT and digital forms of communication, fashion industry has enhanced information reliability. Readers, especially the new generation, feel that digital media is more accessible and convenient. According to Campbell and Park , with the increasing recognition of computerised applications, readers can obtain information about new fashion within the regions of their stay. Unlike the print media, where readers have to personally seek the most reliable data through libraries or physically purchase reading materials to obtain the needed information, web searches have enabled readers to access fashion information quickly using digital media Schwittay Currently, there is an increase in the need to enhance media framing, which is a decisive factor in the media fraternity.

According to Fenton , media framing is the manner by which people present information and by framing the information, it reduces information bias and priming, thus allowing readers to share information legitimately across the social networks. This aspect may influence fashion media positively. Digital media communication is increasingly gaining public support, thus increasing its consumption rate through developed consumption culture.

Increased applications in the use of the internet has enhanced the adoption rate in the consumerism of the digital media Salman et al. Fashion journalism, which is characterised by enhanced modern fashions, has developed a trendy culture of consumption, especially amongst teenagers who find it more fashionable to use the digitalised media system to acquire information besides being easily portable. According to Bennett et al. Fork culture, which people used to practice during the historical era, is eroding, not forgetting print media as one of the old forms of communication.

It has now become a family or friendly norm that people are consuming digital media depending on the subsequent trend in the rate of globalisation and industrialisation. With the increasing pace in the adoption of IT applications and enhanced mass culture, print media is likely to become doom in its use and replaced by digital media. Globally, almost all countries are positively contributing to the increase in the use of technological operations in different sectors, with mass media industry and fashion media picking courage from this phenomenon.

Currently, global plans are underway to make the compulsory shift from analogue systems to digital colour communication systems Treadaway Due to international collaboration and cooperation, the world has managed to integrate into digital systems cutting across all forms of economies, including developed and developing economies that are interested in promoting their creative industries.

For instance, the Vogue website and its mobile application have proven to be more reliable than the print version. By a click of a button, subscribers with the Vogue mobile application have the opportunity to read and find new information on fashion. According to Campbell and Park , despite being the oldest form of electronic media communication, televisions have remarkably played a pivotal role in the digital media since the types of televisions are changing to a more digitalised system, including current innovation strategies like LCDs, LEDs, and plasma TVs.

These TVs, despite being common means of electronic media, they have attractive features including bright viewing angle, backlight features, and attractive screen colour displays that make them easily consumed by clients. Characterised with global digital migration, almost the entire world will enjoy digital services, making it easier for digital media to overcome print media. In fact, the digital media is common tool for advertising the print magazines.

The creative industry has continuously employed modern strategies, including the use of digital communication to enhance their marketing strategies through advertising. Despite the convenience of digital fashion media, print media has remained convenience and reliability in providing information to fashion enthusiasts across the globe.

In fact, several fashion enthusiasts and fashion industry players still prefer print media to digital media given its simplicity nature, diversity in its products, and entertaining aspect in the fashion journalism. From the above reflection, it is in order to state that the print media is not dead. The print media has remained reliable in the fashion industry since print fashion magazines are associated with status and fashion statement. However, it is apparent that written media have direct influence on involuntary response effects and the order in which they occur.

Andrejevic, M. Andrew, M. Bennett, T. Ltd, Massachusetts. Campbell, S. Fenton, N. Jenna, O. Jothi, S. Kaul, V. Salman, A. Schwittay, A. Seiter, E. Sherman, L. Treadaway, C. Need a custom Essay sample written from scratch by professional specifically for you? Print media is dead. We use cookies to give you the best experience possible. If you continue, we will assume that you agree to our Cookies Policy. Learn More. We will write a custom Essay on Print media is dead specifically for you!

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Check it out! In almost each case, the way certain demographics and social issues are represented within such texts are heavily influenced by the political stance of the distributor. For example, during the newspaper coverage of the General Election, British newspapers were found to endorse particular parties and candidates. The tone of their articles would therefore favour the party who shared their political ideologies, resulting in generally bias reporting across most popular newspapers.

In previous elections such endorsements proved to affect voters behaviour and newspapers have become notorious regarding where they sit politically, attracting like minded readership. The use of stereotypes also play a vital role in representation and creating propaganda. Enforcing stereotypes within text is one method that many newspapers and magazines use to represent demographics, social groups and events. Since print based media is often at the disadvantage of being unable to use moving image and sound, relying mainly on text, imagery is created using such stereotypes that the reader is already aware of.

The use of this stereotype enforces an easy image that is familiar and relatable to the reader. Stereotypes are also used to represent more generic demographics, such as gender, age or race. Young people are often misrepresented within media by using an array of different stereotypes. Because of such negative representation, many adults and fellow teenagers are directed into being intimidated and frightened of teenage boys, particularly when arranged in groups.

Likewise, this stereotype can also be applied to all teenagers - although not so prevalently. This is evident in a number of ways, including how many shops allow only two students in at a time. The way that newspapers represent teenagers can be somewhat to blame for the social stigma regarding young people.

For example, during the London riots that took place across England following the death of Mark Duggan, a man who was shot dead by police, the coverage portrayed many of the looters and rioters as teenagers yet there was found to be a range of ages, genders and races involved in the riots.

Women have also suffered from a number of representations within media. Often, they are portrayed in domestic situations such as being a housewife or mother. Alternatively they are objectified as sexual objects with the purpose of entertaining a mostly heterosexual male audience.

The male gaze refers to how men are made to view women and how women are made to view themselves. She also constructed the theory of fragmentation which describes how, through the use of cinematography, women are objectified as pictures of women used in the media display only parts of their body, rather than their whole body, and often exclude their face.

Much of the controversy around the American Apparel advertisements lie in the fact that many of their models are below the age of sixteen. The essence of these advertisements act as perfect visual examples of both the damaging ideals created by the media as well as of the male gaze and how women - including young girls - are over-sexualised. Likewise, the little of the female model we can see adheres to the socially constructed beauty ideals with the hairless, clear skinned, long legs.

An example of how these advertisements enforce and conform to the expectations of both genders, and over-seuxalise woman, are in the way that they advertised this shirt. Whilst the shirt is the same - or very similar - the way each model wears it differs greatly. The way the female model is positioned, however, is different in the way that it is far more suggestive.

Additionally, this is portrayed by the way that the models shirt is unbuttoned. Magazines are renowned for creating similar unrealistic stereotypes in terms of beauty. One of the biggest controversies regarding this is the way that many fashion magazines represent women.

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(“Print Media Analysis Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - words”, n.d.) Retrieved from Print media and digital media are identical to two forces constantly warring against one another to retain power. In most cases, a war, unavoidably. It is so well done, that in order to see the bias, one must thoroughly analyze the article. A per staff pick. words. 2 page.