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Artwork reflection essay


Reflection 1 The first day of class was very exciting. My first class at USF and my first class in the teaching program. I had thought that if the school were to simply add some type of art class it would count as integrating art into. I received a map that included the itinerary and I began my visual learning exploration. The first exhibit I experienced when I walked into the museum was a jazz quartet playing music, so I stopped to listen, while I planned my schedule using the provided map and itinerary.

There were certain elements of MLA formatting that I would forget to incorporate into my papers such as putting my last name in the right hand corner of my paper, not double spacing my header, and remembering to not underline nor bold the title of my papers. Now that the semester is over, I know a lot more than I did coming into this class and feel like my expectations were exceeded.

I learned not only how to implement. Art Reflection Paper Words 7 Pages. These are the five pieces of art I would choose to display in my global museum. This piece was painted on February 9, I would choose to display this photo because it exhibits important shelter aspects. It shows a dining room.

For the topic of commemoration, I would put the piece by Diego Rivera titled Dia de Muertos which can be found on page in Art Exploration. It was painted in Mexico in , and it depicts the celebration and traditions of The Day of the Dead. It shows a community coming together to celebrate the dead.

Skull masks are shown as well as food vendors. I would choose to show this image because it depicts a community coming together to celebrate the lives of there ancestors. It depicts an image of a woman standing atop fallen solders holding a France flag in a left hand. Her stance is very firm so she exhibits power.

Also, her face is very stoic. The main purpose of the piece of art was to show a depiction of the Paris Revolution which occurred to fight against oppression. This piece shows how social justice is sought in the world. In my global museum, I would want to display works from diverse origins of the.

Get Access. Read More. Art Reflection Paper Words 5 Pages In my previous reflection, I elaborated on the concept of daydreams and how the subconscious mind feeds into our conscious ambitions. When you love painting, this anxiety is mixed with expectations and questions.

Expectations, because you want this new painting to be better than the last one, to be truer, to expose you a little bit more. Are we just asking for people to understand us a little better? Unless you are a really experienced artist, that knows what his public wants, it is hard to judge how the painting will be received.

This depends on so many different ideas and criteria, that vary according to the individual staring at the painting. When you offer a painting to an audience, you are trying to touch the onlooker. Before they wonder will this fit in my living room, in my dining room? Is this the right color? I think we are looking for understanding, for people to peek into our heart and soul, to share something joyful we feel in our core, or sad in some cases.

The only way to do this is to paint first and foremost for ourselves. But now I see the difference. It is true that decorative art is all about technique except for those that actually create patterns and designs. There is a bit of sharing when you pick the pattern you want to reproduce or paint. But is nowhere close to the opening of the soul that happens when you create from your core. There is the satisfaction of completing a project but none of the excitement, no skipping of the heartbeat, none of the quiet joy of just working at transferring your soul to the canvas.

In conclusion I would like to say that the main thing is to make ourselves happy with what we are painting. It is not about painting what is trendy now if we hate it unless we are painting strictly to make money.

There is so much talk about finding your style and being unique, but each of us is unique and it is by painting what you believe, what you are, what you like that your uniqueness comes out. We have to live with ourselves, we are the only constant in our life and painting first and foremost for this individual that inhabits our body is a good way to start. So paint what YOU like and do at least a little bit everyday.

However, you should post your paintings with the narrative. Visual art is, after all, fundamentally about seeing. I have. The reactions should not, I agree, cause you to paint to trends. But in giving other people a chance to see your painting you can learn a great deal.

Other people see different things in it. And these differences can be revealing and wonderful. Also people get used to images. After an image is familiar, we actually learn to see it better. Letting people see your work gets them acclimated so that later they can notice the finer points.

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Usually, it may be on such topics like books, films, events, etc. But despite that, bear in mind that some teachers may give you a generalized topic about your opinion on global warming, for instance or vice versa — specified, for example about the brightest memories of childhood or the causes of your phobias as a child. The conception of reflection paper resembles a narrative essay a little. I mean, if to think about it generally it may be any topic on which you can write your own thoughts.

Show me examples. To be confident in what you are going to write, it is also important for you to know what does not refer to the notion of a reflection paper. First of all, a reflection paper is not a defective cocktail of many different, third-party opinions and thoughts of other people.

It should be you, yourself, special and unique. And if you like to use quotations of famous personalities — you are about to fail this task. This is the main essay hack I can give you. During the writing process you can feel free to share your beliefs and experiences. It could be your personal observation on any topic. No limits, no restrictions, no barriers. Nobody can tell you what your thinking should be like.

I believe it will be easy to write because you just have to express your thoughts and how you see things, without using any specified writing styles. So ponder of something great and create! The essay outline is pretty easy because there are no special restrictions. So if you already have a topic — start your paper with an introduction.

And so is the situation with the essay conclusion. The best you can do is to give a general statement that will prepare your teacher or just a simple reader for the main part of your reflection paper. Be certain to include your thesis statement in the introduction. And remember that this is the statement that will sum up the entire essay.

So now our writing guide is heading to the next stop. As you know from the above, in reflection paper essay you should share thoughts and beliefs of your own concerning some particular topic. But what if your topic is related to art? Of course, you can easily find plenty of essay hook examples and essay hooks as well, but how to tell about it through the prism of your inner world?

Release the simple statement into something colorful and special — and this rainbow will be your individual vision of the thesis. By incorporating this piece of literature, one can creatively introduce second or third grade students to the world of fractions. The illustrations are creative, bright, and enjoyable to look at as the story is being read. The use of rhyme and rhythm makes the book easy to read and fun to listen to. Join Miss Bloom as she runs the Strawberry Inn to learn about fractions as she works to fill up her inn.

Her inner self craves for freedom to drive past and achieve something. She envisions her song as a luxurious Cadillac, where she now wants a materialistic world. She is in her imaginary world until the heat of the urn in her hand bring back her to reality, where she starts comparing to her real life, hallow and vapid.

Her room is where she seeks calmness, the lamp, and books which allow her to escape to a different imaginary. As Campbell performs her job she feels fulfillment knowing she is giving her customers what they want. When I worked hard at the grocery store I always felt fulfillment. The days were long, and sometimes hard work; I definitely felt a tiring fulfillment once I was able to lie down in bed after a long day. In the mean time, Crockett has a sense of fulfillment sipping, holding, and washing his coffee mug.

Whiling holding and scrolling through my iPhone, I read so much information at a time. He talked over the music, and I could always understand what he was saying which was very important because I sat in the back of the theater. Janet van de Graaff was a very interesting character. She was a young bride who was very nervous about getting married.

Everyone adored her effortless beauty and superstar status, and she did an amazing job portraying that role. She would sit with her head held high, great poster, and always had a smile. For instance, weekends consisted of family gatherings, and in my family, gatherings and a cup of coffee go hand in hand. I have grown to appreciate coffee for more than just a drink, rather for what it symbolizes.

In my case, I knew I would have a difficult time letting go of caffeine and decided to focus this exercise on abstaining from caffeine. On the other hand, since I spend a lot of time in front of a computer, I realized I would have a problem disengaging from a website called reddit. This poem is centralized behind one sentence and that sentence is that coffee is the symbol of unity and gathering. A cup of coffee is a source of linking the people coming from all over the world.

The dear ones are separated from one another due to their assigned duties can gather themselves up for the cup of coffee. As long as the coffee remains in the cup, they are present between their dear ones. Therefore, Coffee is a symbol of hope and faith. I can feel their passion towards traditional hand-drawn art just by looking at their art strokes. Tea is a part of life in Hong Kong, China and Taiwan. It is a staple and is available in every form, from cheap invigorating plastic bottles sold at supermarkets and convenience stores, to the sweet and delicious Earl Grey milk tea with pearls, to the costliest rare high mountain leaves served in the customary gongfu style.

Most chinese families as well prefer tea over other beverages like coffee, and the preparation of the tea is meticulous and careful.


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Free Essay: What have I learned thus far in my “Art Appreciation” class? How about an overwhelming amount of information regarding the fundamentals of. How to Start a Reflection Essay on Art · 1 Consult the rubric · 2 Look at your art project · 3 Think about the project as a whole · 4 Use the drama · 5 Leave the. Art reflection; the eight types of visual art are drawing, painting, sculpture, crafts, architecture, printmaking, photography and film.