essay on save petrol and diesel

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Essay on save petrol and diesel dissertation report internet banking

Essay on save petrol and diesel

Even nuclear power plants emit very dangerous radioactive wastes that have to be stored in pits deep below the ground otherwise it might mess up the human DNA due to radioactivity. They are by products of crude oil. But there is a limitation. There reserves are very limited. Their availability is even lesser than petrol reserves hence they are not much dependable sources.

If we do not cut down our demands now a time may come when there will be no fuel left at all for us to use. What would we do then? Is this what we are gifting our future generations? An energy-less earth! What is the benefit of so much technological advancement then? Renewable energy sources are those sources which will never finish no matter how much you use it during your lifetime. Such sources consist of wind energy, hydral energy, solar energy.

Sun is the greatest source of all energies. These sources are omnipresent. They can be used to generate power. For example — solar panel use the energy of the sun to produce heat and then this heat sorted can be used to charge up cells which in turn give electrical energy, windmills use the energy of the wind: its velocity to generate electrical power.

Similarly hydro power plants use the kinetic energy of falling water to run turbines to generate power. Another replacement of the LPG gas for cooking is the gobar gas. It is a very clever installment. It uses the methane gas produced by domestic human excreta that is locked in chambers. Once formed the gas is channeled to the ovens and this serves as the cooking gas in place of LPG.

We can develop newer energy -efficient methods if we want to. No radioactive waste to deal with, no harmful chemicals, to need to worry about renewal, no harm to the environment. Scientists are developing better gadgets everyday which can use these resources because at the present rate of depletion, the extinction of fossil fuels is inevitable.

We can conserve fuel by reducing the use of private cars and saving electricity. We all have to conserve fuel so that the coming era can also take benefit of it. Without fuel existence of human life become very much complicated. Ammunition is produced in heat and energy through a chemical or nuclear reaction. Power is the transformation of a part of the fuel mass.

Fuel is substances that combine with oxygen to produce heat. Among solid fuels — wood, peat, lignite, and coal are the main ones. Petroleum, kerosene, and gasoline are liquid fuels. Coal gas, steam-ember-gas, liquefied petroleum gas LPG , and natural gas, etc.

In rockets used for scientific and military work, many chemical compounds such as alcohols, ammonia, and hydrogen can also use as fuel. These substances give energy very quickly. Electric energy is also helping to gain heat, so it is also getting from fuels. Presently nuclear power is also used as a source of power, so fissile materials are now also considered as fuel.

With the increasing technology and changing lifestyles, the consumption of fuels like petroleum, natural gases, and coal has increased manifold. However, most of these are currently available in abundance, and many of them are non-renewable fuels. Yet, if we continue to use them at the same speed, they can be finished very soon. Here are some best ideas on how we can contribute to saving fuel for future generations.

Is it necessary to save fuel? By making the housewives aware, we can conserve fuel by saving cooking gas. We must take care of some crucial things that can save gas. We can save fuel by keeping the following things in mind.

Cook in the pressure cooker itself, especially things that take a long time to cook, such as lentils, meats, etc. Cook things according to the cooking time given in the booklet found with the pressure cooker. Periodically keep the cleanliness of the gas-stove burner so that its flame keeps coming out correctly, this will cook food quickly, and there will not be any waste of gas. After cooking, do not forget to turn off the regulator of the gas cylinder, so that the gas does not get wasted due to any leakage and also there is no fear of any kind of accident.

Because due to keeping the engine on, the fuel continues to waste. Use Drive at a medium speed and become fuel-conscious. Electric and hybrid cars are also available. So use them. Take full care of your car speed while driving. So proper gear not only will you keep the mileage of your car right, but your life will also be safe. The fuel consumption system of the car has the full effect of the weight kept in the car. People often walk in their cars with more than necessary items.

So always do not keep too much stuff only the things you need in your vehicle. Take care of the aerodynamic design, do not put unrelated external accessories on the vehicle. Do not carry unnecessary weight. Many people do not get their vehicle serviced for months, which is wrong, due to which the mileage of the vehicle works, and fuel also burns more.

So we do our vehicles servicing from time to time, and help fuel conservation. Be sure to clean the air filter. For this reason, more and more fuel is consumed. People modify the car to give the car a good look, due to which the engine burns more fuel to run. Try to use the wheels of your car, which are given by the company.

Keep proper pressure in the tire of the vehicle. Change the engine oil on the vehicle service period because dirty engine oil increases engine friction and promotes fuel wastage. You should make sure that you use all appliances operating on different fuels reliably.

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In a diesel engine, there is no need to ignite the fuel via a spark plug, in fact, the fuel is ignited due to the heat and friction of the engine, grid heaters and block heaters help achieve high temperatures for co bustion during engine start-up in cold weather. Diesel is made from distilled oil and other products as is petrol that will eventually run out of materials.

Diesel cars are much slower but they are far stronger compared to gas-powered vehicles. Petrol Petrol is made from oil like diesel that will also run out if we continue using it at the rate we do and we will have to find a different source of power or propulsion for our vehicles that I will explain about soon. And this petrol does have to include a source of ignition like a spark plug. Duo to the formula been exciting for some time now they have perfected it.

Since petroleum has been around for some time, people have found a lot of uses for it. It can now power vehicles such as cars bikes, boats, lorries, and a lot of machinery. If these are disposed of in the wrong way, they can soak into the ground and spread dangerous chemicals that can pollute lakes rivers and streams which also has the potential to kill animals. Burning petrol gives off a substantial amount of carbon dioxide and other gases, which can pollute the atmosphere, add to the greenhouse effect, and lead to global warming.

Eventually we will run out of oil, however, there is a debate on how long that will be. Remember: This is just a sample from a fellow student. Sorry, copying is not allowed on our website. We will occasionally send you account related emails. This essay is not unique. Sorry, we could not paraphrase this essay.

Our professional writers can rewrite it and get you a unique paper. Want us to write one just for you? We use cookies to personalyze your web-site experience. This essay has been submitted by a student. This is not an example of the work written by professional essay writers. Get help with writing. Pssst… we can write an original essay just for you. Increase in usage of fossil fuel is depleting their presence within the earth. We should save fuel for a better environment and for our future generation.

Conserving energy should be a part of the daily routine of an individual. Every small effort by each individual can make a big difference. In order to meet our growing needs, we should abandon the traditional methods of using this energy and start using renewable resources.

This will not only create a better environment but also availability for our future generations. Many organizations around the world are making significant efforts to conserve fuel. They are trying to use renewable energy from sources that will never deplete including solar power, wind power, geothermal power, hydro power and thermal energy. International seminars are being held to reduce the carbon imprint, by making developed and developing nations agree to reduce pollution, emanating from the factories.

At the individual level, you should decrease consumption of fuel in vehicles. For short distances, you can either walk or use cycles. Do car-pooling as much as possible. Periodical maintenance of cars is necessary.

Get the air filters of the cars clean time to time because it reduces the consumption of petrol. At homes and commercial establishments use Led bulbs and tube lights. Use the air conditioner in moderation and always at low setting to save energy. Switch off the air conditioner, lights and fans when not in use. Use electrical appliances for cooking and reheating food.

Keep your cooking vessels covered while cooking. In addition, you can save electricity by using good quality of wire. You should attach solar panels in offices and streetlights should be intelligent lights. They should turn off automatically in the daylight.

Fuels are the sources which run the world today.

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It resume cover letter example Do car-pooling as much as possible. Among solid fuels — wood, peat, lignite, and coal are the main ones. They had been formed million of years ago when plants and animals and other vegetative matter got suppressed under tremendous pressure and heat and hence some of them fossilized and some turned to fossil fuels. Whether you are using renewable fuels or non-renewable fuels, you should be careful about the quantity used. Switch off the air conditioner, lights and fans when not in use.
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