the essays about the americanization of shadrach cohen

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The essays about the americanization of shadrach cohen custom definition essay ghostwriter websites gb

The essays about the americanization of shadrach cohen

When Gottlieb doesn't want Shadrach to see his future bride for fear that the girl doesn't like Shadrach's Jewish ways, Shadrach finally loses his temper. He can tolerate his sons' dapper way of dressing and their lack of care for him, but he cannot stand the fact that his sons are ashamed of Jewish religion and consider Jewish lifestyle inferior to American one.

So we can see that religious belief is of great importance to Shadrach, almost his foremost principle, since he would rather risk his relationship with his sons than give in when it comes to his religious belief. There are many places in the story that demonstrate the fact that Jewish religion has already been fused into Shadrach Cohen's life, which can first be seen from the way he dresses. He "wore a gabardine--the loose, baglike garment of the Russian Ghetto--and had a long, straggling grey beard and ringlets that came down over his ears" This is a fine specimen of Jewish way of dressing, and it at once defines his ethnic traits.

Except for dressing, Shadrach's table manners also reveal his identity as the disciple of Judaism. Abel and Gottlieb's "consternation" 46 at having to "go through this at every meal" 46 indirectly reveals that this has become a most natural practice of Shadrach Cohen. The strongest proof may come from what Shadrach says to a young man in his store.

Honor your father and your mother. Now that religion plays such an important role in Shadrach's life, what influences does it have on him? In the first place, it has shaped his point of view as well as his character. There is little doubt that the United States is much more powerful and influential than Shadrach's homeland.

But the worship of Jehovah makes Shadrach believe that Americans and Jewish are on the equal status because "that same Jehovah rules supreme over America even as He does over the country that [they come] from" This belief keeps him from feeling inferior and infuses him with confidence. Therefore, when Shadrach's sons try to persuade him to shave his beard in order not to appear like the newly landed Russian Jews, he counters with a resolute tone: "Then I will keep my beard as it is.

I am a newly landed Russian Jew. It arouses others' respect for him immediately. Shadrach's self-respect as well as self-confidence brought mainly by religion enables him to do well in his business. Some may argue that the Americanization of Shadrach contributes more to his success than religion does. True, Shadrach is affected by the American culture to some extent. It certainly helps him do business with American businessmen. However, the realm of business is by no means a place for fun.

Shadrach is bound to experience some hard time. Then here comes the religion, the thing that gives him comfort and power spiritually: When life is light and free from care, religion is quick to fly; but when the sky grows dark and life becomes earnest, and we feel its burden growing heavy upon our shoulders, then we welcome the consolation that religion brings, and we cling to it. It is religion that assists him to make his way in the realm of business in an unfamiliar country.

Shadrach's personality has won the respect of many businessmen. What's more, his sons' attitude towards him has gradually changed. At first, the change originates from Shadrach's capability of doing business. When his sons realize the prosperity of their business under the charge of their father, they "became proud of their father" And when they notice the deference shown to their father by some American businessmen, "their admiration for their father increased.

Now the opportunity for Shadrach to educate his sons has come. He, a kind and loving father to the core, teaches his sons how to earn their own living, which produces good result because Abel and Gottlieb have learned many things including "the value of discipline", "the beauty of filial reverence" and 'the severe joy of the earnest life.

Religion triumphs in this sense. The climax of the story arrives after Gottlieb suggests bringing Miriam, his future bride, to have supper with the family. What a contrast to his former attitude towards this matter! The author gave us the whole image description of Shadrach both in the beginning and the end. It was a typical picture of a Jew: long straggly grey beard, curled hair falling over the ears and long gabardine of the Russian Ghettos.

His appearance told everything about his habits and tenets plain, natural and simple. The author described the two sons in an ironic tone to show the scorn. There is no such culture that is superior to others in origin. As a matter of fact, we can surely find some pros and cons in any specific culture. A successful combination of different cultures is to absorb the merits of both sides. Shadrach proved it. He loved his own Jewish culture and religion.

He kept his Jewish habit and act on it. He donned his praying cap and started to recite the grace after meals. It is part of your religion. These noble words from his deep heart served as the declaration of his godliness towards Jewish religion. It was not only formalism. On the other hand, his two sons totally neglect their own culture. They had done away with the habit of doing prayer. What a shame! They not only omitted the prayer after meals but also showed no respect to their father and the maid, Marta.

When they picked up their father and found his long-companied maid, their first reaction was to fire her without hesitation. Obviously it was a kind of discrimination. How can they be so cruel to the old lady? So it is nature for Shadrach to feel changes occurred on his sons and between them was a wall. Anyone who wants to adapt to a new environment has to learn some local tradition and culture.

Shadrach was no exception. What to learn is the key to determine whether he would be successfully accepted or not. Contact with the American society had soon impressed Shadrach. What had Shadrach learn from the American business men? However, Shadrach was the infrequent exception because he was one of those outstanding people who have profound mind and acute insight. In this sense, he was quite progressive and open-minded.

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How to write a political editorial The importance the headmaster attaches to the orderly aspect of the garden that surrounds the school is symbolic. He loses the battle precisely because he denies the values maintained by tradition. The only change that does occur in him is that he becomes more tolerant and open-minded than before. However, the realm of business is by no means a place for fun. At first, the change originates from Shadrach's capability of doing business. What was Shadrach puzzled and distressed about?
Pay for my best phd essay on lincoln Through the writing, the author wanted to convey what kind of values? Some may argue that the Americanization of Shadrach contributes more to his success than religion does. He can adapt to a new style of treating people or some aspects of his character. Shadrach bore the characteristics of conservativeness, traditionalism, and integrity. As for the 2 sons, they chose to do as Americans do when in America, and abandoned their original customs and cultures to do their utmost to integrate into the mainstream of American life. New York: St. A worm can represent something submissive or obedient, just like Shadrach Cohen first appears.
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