esl rhetorical analysis essay on lincoln

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Esl rhetorical analysis essay on lincoln develops business plan sales strategy market

Esl rhetorical analysis essay on lincoln


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The fact that Lincoln includes these collective pronouns establishes that he wants the nation to retain their American identity that they fought so hard for in the past against the British to achieve. With the idea of unity, Lincoln was clear in that it was not truly a civil war; it was a battle against war itself.

This supports his perspective on the unification between the North and Side; it was evident that neither side wanted to fight, and if they did, they did not expect the conflict to last long. By transitioning the intangible word of war to a person, Lincoln highlights war as an opponent to the nation rather than the conflict occurring at the nation. This revision of the term, war, led to the realization of what they were actually fighting for: to retain their unity and not own individual reasons.

With a humble and neutral tone, Lincoln refers to biblical allusions in order to gain respect and trust from his audience. Lincoln also uses a reflective tone to relate to the common people by expressing feelings of the carnage and unpredictable nature of war. His use of rhetorical devices such as, pathos, biblical allusions, and parallelism helped convey his message to try to unite a split nation. The speech was not find blame, but to give a perception to the Civil War.

His diction in the speech helped foreshadow his plan for a newly built and united America. Lincoln achieved his purpose when giving the Second Inaugural Address and surprised his audience with it. He used many rhetorical strategies when giving this address.

He discusses the difference between the North and South, and how they also compare Examples: difference is how the North did not have slaves and the South did. Then compared is how both sides saw God the same way. Lincoln talks about the effects of the Civil War and how God is the answer for ending the war and ending slavery. Fear of another crusades would happen and the possibility of an overpowering religious government could arise Colson Colson believes that the christian foundation and morals is what the American government should take after.

The confederates claimed it was theirs, but the union said it was theirs. President Lincoln told union general Robert Anderson to stay in the fort. Fort Sumter was attacked by confederates, but since the cannons were facing the sea the people in Fort Sumter had a hard time fighting back. The people in the fort lasted for 34 hours before surrendering to the confederates. They had to have gotten the news of the surrender by then right? That was the last recorded battle of the Civil War and it ended in a confederate victory.

They fight the north for over a month after the surrender at Appomattox Court House. Home Flashcards Create Flashcards Essays. Essays Essays FlashCards. Browse Essays. Sign in. Show More.