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Rabbit proof fence essay free

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Publish non fiction essays The film captures these heart wrenching events, following the torturous days of their stay at the camp and their subsequent escape as they walk almost miles to home along the Rabbit-Proof Fence. They were separated from each other with force from the racial categories that had been made. The girls were challenged by hunger, thirst, tiredness, fear of being captured and the merciless harshness that the scorching deserts of Australia has to offer. Here it was every but the. The director employs the indigenous aborigine music and dialogue to emphasize the conflict that happens when the three half-aboriginal girls are taken away from their mother by the Australian authorities.
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However there is always two sides to a story. Little did most people know that Aboriginal Chief Protector Mr. Neville was actually working under a State Government policy stressing the importance of the protection of all neglected children, including special protective arrangements for Aborigines.

Also after his death, his mother received approximately letters from Aborigines thanking him for his efforts on their behalf. Another act that was silenced from the film. As seen in Rabbit Proof Fence and although patronised by many Aborigines, society in general sees them as people who are in need of help.

Meanwhile the aborigines in the film, are portrayed as the victims who are trying to escape. Upon first sight of the pub, many visitors see this as an outright sign of discrimination. However, it was the Aboriginal women of the area who in marched into the pub demanding the ban be set in place.

The social representation of Aborigines as victims makes it very hard for people to understand the reasoning behind this alcohol ban. Unfortunately when this occurs, as a result heavy drinking and acts of violence take place. In many interviews and public addresses, the Prime Minister John Howard, has been put under pressure to deliver an official apology to Aborigines for the stolen generation problem. Should he apologise on behalf of the Australian Government, the problem faced by the Prime Minister is the legal litigation that he could incur.

His stance on the subject is simple however, and somewhat different to that of his predecessor. About the author. This academic paper is crafted by Mia. She is a nursing student studying at the University of New Hampshire. All the content of this sample reflects her knowledge and personal opinion on Rabbit Proof Fence Essay and can be used only as a source of ideas for writing.

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Neville, the official Protector of Western Australian Aborigines. The film captures these heart wrenching events, following the torturous days of their stay at the camp and their subsequent escape as they walk almost miles to home along the Rabbit-Proof Fence. The girls were challenged by hunger, thirst, tiredness, fear of being captured and the merciless harshness that the scorching deserts of Australia has to offer.

The movie offers minimal dialogues to the audience, but still enslaves them by the graveness of the issue that it depicts. It is a journey of hope, valor and fearlessness as they tread beside the Rabbit-Proof Fence, a fence to keep the wild rabbits away from the farmlands, symbolizing the distance that lied between the children and their families. An important aspect in the movie was how Mr.

Neville and the government justified their acts. This concept has blinded men over the centuries when they think what they are doing is for the greater good. The movie also portrayed a beautiful concept that how, at the most hopeless of places, you receive the love of people.

As the girls travelled their way back, they were treated mercifully by various strangers, some of them even from the white origins. The Aborigine culture and lifestyle is presented in an incredible way by including their cultural songs and activities.

However, what may be considered by some critics as a slow movie with a biasness shown towards the Australian natives, the film does absolute justice to the greater meaning that it portrays. Closing on an epilogue featuring the real-life footage of Molly Craig and her sister Daisy, Noyce has succeeded in making this dark part of history eternal in the eyes and hearts of his audience.

It succeeds in leaving the message to ensure that the injustice of past never succeeds in returning in the lives of the Aboriginal people. The essence of the movie is a harsh and bitter reality of the past, which cannot be ignored in any case. These children were robbed of their right of an identity, a culture, the love of family, the warmth of home and the right of independent existence. The ink on the pages of history may have been dried, but the memoirs of these atrocities are still alive in the hearts of the victims.

Like all such dark events around the globe, these people also deserve a confession by those who were responsible and a promise to a better future, although the impact of such an apology on the hearts of these people, from whom their childhood was stolen, is still questionable. This essay has been submitted by a student. This is not an example of the work written by our professional essay writers.

You can order our professional work here. We use cookies to offer you the best experience. You cannot copy content from our website. If you need this sample, insert an email and we'll deliver it to you. Only on Eduzaurus. Download essay. Need help with writing assignment? Land and property rights fueled an important civil rights movement in the s. Aborigines spoke out for equal rights, and specifically for land rights for property that had been forcibly taken by British settlers.

The Aboriginal Land Rights Act, passed in , became instrumental in territories with tribal associations. The s witnessed further rights milestones, including government legislation that returned a great degree of autonomy, and increased wages and welfare benefits to aboriginal people. Figure 2: Kenneth Branagh as A.

The treatment of Aborigines should be equal to the treatment of the rest of Australian people. As a United States citizen, it is my belief that states, or countries, should be unified and treated as one by a single governing party. The treatment of these people brings back to mind the terror and confusion during the Holocaust. Humans desire a sense of belonging and religion is a key factor in the pursuit of happiness.

Regardless of what religion or beliefs, people must always have a sense of community which is founded in the nation as a whole. Figure 3: The girls being captured by a government official. I was not surprised, given the time this movie took place, that people were being put into camps based on their race. During World War II, Asian Americans were put into camps in the United States; however, what did surprise me was how long the Aboriginals were being held and administered into camps.

It makes me wonder if there were any resistance movements by the aboriginals and how much the British played a role in their mistreatment. Globalization brought the British to colonize Australia and it was their culture that they tried to forcefully assimilate the Aborigines into. In the movie the half-castes face socio-linguistic discrimination as they are forbidden from speaking their own language and are required to speak English.

They are given a different diet then they had as foragers. Figure 4: The Australian landscape. For the three girls, the fence was a symbol of hope, freedom, and security. In the movie, on the train ride to the camp, the girls are kept in cages like animals. I believe this excerpt from the Australian Psychological Society describes accurately how humans react to their environment.

The physical landscape, or natural environment, plays a key role in the suffering of the young girls as they traveled miles striving for life. It is ironic that their lives are put to the test in their journey while their only objective was a chance at life. Figure 5: This picture depicts the rabbit-proof fence, the area the girls traveled for nine weeks on a mile journey. However, for the three girls the physical landscape pushed them forward.

They looked to one another for strength and to them the rabbit proof fence was a guide as well as a symbol of hope. They were fighting their fears and proving their means of survival. Rabbit Proof Fence [ 3 ]. Reser, Joseph P. All images taken from Google images.

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